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Spring Breakfast with Dean Anne

'Kindness' was the theme of our inaugural Spring Breakfast on Saturday 14 September. As if on cue, the sun kindly made an appearance after a week of cold wind and rain.

Braving the early start, the cathedral community arrived and were greeted with a small glimpse of spring as yellow floral accents and patterned tablecloths in the Visitors’ Centre anticipated winter’s departure.

The aroma of a cooked breakfast and good coffee invited a sense of home and belonging. Antique teacups, stewed plums, weet-bix, yoghurt, scones and a traditional breakfast of eggs, bacon, beans and hash browns completed the picture. The room buzzed with good conversation as many took the opportunity to catch up with friends. It was also encouraging to meet new people who have recently joined our community and a number who came along because they saw it advertised.

Addressing the theme of kindness, Dean Anne reminded us that our words and actions cause ripples, good or bad:

“Kindness is not simply being nice. It takes courage and discipline; it is constant and changing…it brings people together…it changes the atmosphere in the room. You can’t fake kindness, but if you practice it, you’ll get better at it and the fruit will grow.”

Traditions are an expression of identity and belonging, and due to the success of our first one, Dean Anne has suggested that our Spring Breakfast should be an Annual event.

See you all next year!

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