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Reflections on ordination

Each year, Holy Trinity Cathedral provides an impressive backdrop for our Diocesan Ordination Service at which the Bishop of Auckland creates new deacons and priests.

This year, our own Cathedral curate, The Reverend Sarah West was among those who were ordained as priests. Sarah writes about her experience during the service and looks ahead to what we hope will be many years of ministry to come:

"After a long journey, I was ordained to Priesthood on the morning of the 23rd November at Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Many thanks to all who came to support me and fellow ordinands on this very moving and overwhelming occasion! Last year I was ordained Deacon and phew, what a wonderful and formational experience it has been!

Now I begin my priestly ministry, a role I am humbled to fulfill and a calling that has been deeply embedded in me for longer than even I had realised.

There were a few times during the ordination service where my emotions overwhelmed me. The most poignant of these was when the Bishops, Reverend Sarah Park and Reverend Brenda Rockell laid hands. As Bishop Ross said the word ‘priest,’ I could no longer contain my tears. From that point on I was well and truly crying – well into the peace!

It was a humbling and joyous moment filled with a profound sense of God’s grace.

Thank you to all who have and continue to mentor me in this path, to my Cathedral whānau and friends.

I take this step with both joy and trembling yet ultimately, it feels like another step towards home.

May I serve Christ, the Church and all her people well. May I live in a way that offers freely the grace and love I have so richly received. Pray for me!"

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