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Operation Refugee 2018

"I support the work of Christian World Service and their commitment to the Syrian Refugees. Spending some time in 2015 assisting the Syrian Refugees in the registration camp in Croatia, I am convinced that only a little is needed for everybody to do to help people who are suffering. I believe that the core message of gospel is seeing Christ present in the face of humanity, hence helping those in the need is a central part of my understanding of humans."

- Rev'd Ivica Gregurec, Team Leader

Between June 16 - 20 the Holy Trinity Cathedral team will live on the same rations given to Syrian refugees living in Lebanon and Jordan. By taking this challenge, we are showing refugees that we are with them, they are not forgotten. The funds raised will supply refugees with food, medicine and the support they need to survive, showing that there are Kiwis who really care about them.Our efforts will make a difference for families who have nowhere else to turn and will keep hope alive for refugees who want a better future.

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