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Lenten Appeal

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lenten appeal



During Lent, as Christians, we are invited to show solidarity with those in need and those experiencing oppression and suffering.


With heavy hearts, we have watched as millions of Ukrainians flee their country in the wake of the violent invasion of a foreign power.

The war in Ukraine and the refugee crisis it has caused, is of a magnitude unexperienced in Europe since World War II.

Countless women, children and elderly have been received by neighbouring countries like Poland, Slovakia and Romania, and many more still are seeking safety in other European countries.

Though the situation is still developing, it is clear that a global effort will be needed to help the people of Ukraine for some time to come.


Holy Trinity Cathedral has the privilege of direct contact with the Greek-Catholic Eparchy (Diocese) of Križevci, that has traditionally given pastoral care for Ukrainians in Croatia for more than 120 years. The Diocese has already begun preparations to receive Ukrainian refugees and given assistance to thousands arriving in Croatia.


Our partnership with Eparchy of Križevci for this cause is a direct way of supporting Ukrainian refugees and we invite you to donate as we are journeying through Lent.


The collection from the Cathedral’s Good Friday services will also be donated to this cause.


Your donation can be sent to the Cathedral account. Once collected, it will be directly transferred to Caritas of the Križevci Eparchy.


donate via internet banking:

Account Name: Auckland Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Account Number: 02-0192-0031919-00

Reference: UKRAINE

donate via paypal or credit card:

We are grateful for your generosity.

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