June 14, 2017



On the 5th of June, Holy Trinity Cathedral hosted about 200 members of the Shia Islamic community for the Ramadan fast-breaking meal, Iftar.


When news feeds are saturated with content that can perpetuate division between Christians and Muslims, simple hospitality can become a powerful experience.


“We need to stand together in this hard time, in the face of evil terrors against humanity in different places of the world.” said another Shia Muslim guest, Mr Syed Abid Jafery,

“This was a very good example of our unity and strength.” - Anglican Taonga


One aspect which made the night so special was the overwhelmingly positive response from the Muslim community, and their openness and willingness to break new ground and to build new bridges.


The sincerity and depth of feeling created by the event was striking. Certainly, for many, the fact that it was possible at all was cause for joy.


“A lot of people were struck by the beauty of the cathedral,” said Rev Ivica, “but for others, their emotion was as much about the unexpectedness of the welcome, and the hospitality they were receiving.” - Anglican Taonga


The Cathedral would like to thank Janet Poole and her team, everyone who assisted in the set-up, and everyone who donated food and money.


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