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Selwyn's Vision: Let's finish what history started

Selwyn's Vision is a project to complete and consecrate Holy Trinity Cathedral. 

Stage One - Removal of the bridge - June to September 2014 - COMPLETED

The first part of Selwyn's Vision was the removal of the bridge in the Cathedral, located between the nave and the chancel.  Scaffolding was erected as high as the Cathedral ceiling.  The bridge was cut into pieces, approximately 200kg in weight, lowered, and removed across the Cathedral forecourt.  During this time a new sound system and new performance lighting (to replace what was attached to the bridge) was installed; the Corona was lowered and removed; and steel bracing was installed to structurally strengthen the walls for the new organ.  Dominion Constructors Ltd completed this work in September 2014 and the Cathedral re-opened with a special service on Sunday 21 September. 

Stage Two - St Mary's Court Redevelopment - June to November 2015 - COMPLETED

The second stage of Selwyn's Vision was the redevelopment of the grounds outside St Mary's-in-Holy Trinity, adjacent to the Cathedral, on Parnell Road.  This work has created much improved pedestrian and vehicular access to the Cathedral, with a realignment of the driveways and new paved areas for St Mary's Court.  These large-scale civil works commenced in June 2014, with the site re-opened by Christmas 2014.

As a result of these works, the Brewer Memorial Garden has undergone a redesign.  Dr Jacky Bowring designed the Landscape Plan for the whole Cathedral precinct.  This has included creating an outdoor room for the Brewer Memorial Garden, with five corten planters and curved Totara hedging - the curve of the hedge being "an echo of the distinctive circular form of the original Brewer Memorial Garden".  The hedge runs parallel to the axis of St Mary's and continues along the Parnell Road frontage. It will be grown to the same height as the Labyrinth hedge. Bev McConnell designed the planting for the corten planters to provide colour to the garden, reminiscent of the colours of the original Brewer Memorial Garden. 

Additional features of the St Mary's Court redevelopment include the installation of new retractable bollards to control vehicular traffic, greatly improving the safe use of the area as a pedestrian precinct, and lighting poles which are providing great night time illumination of the carpark, the Cathedral and St Mary's.

A Dedication Service for St Mary's Court and the redesigned Brewer Memorial Garden was held on Sunday 29 November 2015.

Stage Three - The Bishop Selwyn Chapel - August 2014 to May 2016 - UNDERWAY

Extending from the Cathedral's ambulatories, and located behind the High Altar, The Bishop Selwyn Chapel will be a multi-purpose venue that will seat 120 people and accommodate a wide variety of community events. It will also enable greater community access to the Cathedral's auditorium.  Designed by leading Auckland Architects, Fearon Hay, this glass walled chapel will complete the journey of the construction of Holy Trinity Cathedral.

The Chapel project will include completion of the Trinity Memorial Garden, surrounding the columbaria, at the rear of the Cathedral and St Mary's.  Work commenced on site in August 2014 by Aspec Construction.

Stage Four - St Mary's-in-Holy Trinity September to December 2014 - COMPLETED

St Mary's-in-Holy Trinity is one of the great Gothic revival timber buildings of the 19th century and a busy part of the Cathedral precinct.  Functionally, however, it was isolated from the Cathedral.

An important component of the Project has been to provide a sheltered link between the Cathedral and St Mary's.  This work has been completed with a bell-shaped canopy installed between St Mary's and the Cathedral; new doors and another porch installed in St Mary's; and a terrace built to link St Mary's to the Cathedral.

Stage Five - St Mary's Organ Refurbishment - 2015-2016 - UNDERWAY

The St Mary's organ was designed and built by George Croft over 100 years ago and it is in serious need of repair.  As part of the Selwyn's Vision , the organ will undergo a significant restoration.

Stage Six - Cathedral Organ - 2015-2017 - UNDERWAY

The Cathedral organ is failing severely. It will undergo a major repair and rebuild befitting its ongoing role in the life of Holy Trinity.  To make way for the new organ, the bridge, that currently divides the Cathedral building, has been removed.  An electronic organ is now in use in the Cathedral, until the new organ is installed.

Designed by Nicholson & Co., Malvern, UK, the new Cathedral organ will be able to serve the needs of Auckland.  Construction will commence in May 2015 and final installation will conclude later in 2017.   Click here to read more about the new Cathedral organ.


In 1842 Bishop George Selwyn purchased the land in Parnell, Auckland upon which today's Holy Trinity Cathedral sits.  His vision: to build a great Cathedral that would become a centre for educational, social, charitable and missionary work turning the fledgling town of Auckland into a city.

More than 170 years later, Holy Trinity is the Cathedral for the Auckland Diocese and a leading worship, civic, community, music, cultural, drama and arts facility, welcoming more than 100,000 people each year.

Today Holy Trinity is at capacity in meeting the needs of its wide community. Selwyn's Vision is a $14 million project to complete the functional components of a working Cathedral for Auckland and to raise the money required.

All of this will ensure that Holy Trinity Cathedral can continue to serve the people of Auckland and Aotearoa New Zealand for generations to come.


The final part of Selwyn's Vision will be the consecration of Holy Trinity Cathedral.  As yet incomplete, our Cathedral is not  consecrated and, once all work is finished, this celebration will mark a wonderful conclusion to the Project.  We expect that this will be late in 2017, the year that marks the 60th anniversary of the laying of the Cathedral's foundation stone.

Jo Kelly-Moore


Please watch the video or read more on this page to find out more about our project.  Click here to see progress photos.

Alternatively, if you are interested in attending a tour at the Cathedral and discuss the project in more detail, or if you are interesting in donating, please contact Merle Abbot on 09 303 9506 or email campaign@holy-trinity.org.nz.


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